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60 Pcs Quick Building Gel Mold Tips

60 Pcs Quick Building Gel Mold Tips

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Transform your nail game with our 60 Pcs Quick Building Gel Mold Tips!

🌟 What it is - Crafted from high-quality ABS material, these ultrathin false nail tips offer precise application and long-lasting wear. Perfect for creating beautiful nail art designs at home or in a salon.

💅 Why you need it - Say goodbye to salon appointments! These transparent tips come in 12 different sizes, suitable for most people. Add some flair to your nails with ease using these versatile nail accessories.

🔥 Why you'll love it - Designed for both professional and home use, these false nail tips are easy to apply and allow you to create your own stylish nail designs. With these tips, you can achieve perfect nails that last.

📐 How to use -
1. Lightly file the nail surface.
2. Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure under a UV/LED lamp.
3. Select a suitable size false nail tip.
4. Apply Building Gel on the nail mould.
5. Attach the false nail tip to your real nail and cure.
6. Shape, polish, and design your nails as desired.

💖 Perfect your nail art with these quick building gel tips and showcase your unique style wherever you go!

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